Your breasts are an important part of your identity as a woman and the way that you feel about your body. Unfortunately, when your body undergoes weight fluctuations, pregnancy and nursing, or even just the effects of aging, your breasts can start to sag, a medical condition known as ptotic breasts. Luckily, plastic surgery can help to fight and even reverse sagging breasts with the power of a mastopexy – a breast lift.

A breast lift allows a skilled plastic surgeon to remove excess skin, lift the breasts, and correct asymmetries. By restoring your breasts to a more natural and youthful appearance, you’ll regain the ability to wear your old clothes and feel confident in the shape and contours of your chest again.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park is an expert at improving the appearance of hanging and sagging breasts through the use of a breast lift. Contact Dr. Park today to schedule an appointment!