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Say goodbye to shaving and the skin irritation that comes with it! MedSpa at the Park is proud to offer the latest in laser hair reduction technology to our patients. Our Lumenis SplendorX system houses not 1, but 2 lasers to give the best, most customizable treatment possible on a variety of skin types.

What areas can be treated?

Really, anywhere that has dark and unwanted hair. Our most popular areas of treatment include:

  • under arms
  • bikini/brazilian
  • legs (full and partial)
  • upper lip
  • chin
  • shoulders
  • back
  • glabella (between brows)

What to expect:

Laser hair reduction works best on darker hair as the melanin (pigment that gives the hair its color) absorbs the laser energy in the form of heat. This process targets and destroys hair follicles to stop or slow hair growth. For maximum results, most patients require a series of at least 6 treatments. Depending on the area being treated, treatments should be scheduled every 4-8 weeks to ensure hair growth has fully cycled. Plucking or waxing the area is NOT recommended, as the hair follicle will need to be intact for the laser to interact properly. For this reason, you may be asked to shave the area the day prior to treatment. Sun exposure should be limited and sunless tanner should be avoided all together. We also recommend “touch-up” treatments a few times a year to maintain results.

Patients tolerate laser hair reduction very well with treatment times of only a few seconds to 45 minutes depending on the area being treated. During treatment, you may feel a sensation of heat. Post treatment, minor swelling and redness can occur. This is usually minimal and subsides within minutes to 24 hours. Patients may resume normal activities with little to no discomfort.

Want to learn more? Call our office to set up a consultation at (251) 340-6600. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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