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Body Contouring at The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery //

Whether you're struggling with persistent fat deposits in particular body areas or aspiring to transform your silhouette for a more slender and refined look, The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery offers a comprehensive selection of body contouring procedures tailored to enhance your physical appearance. With body contouring Mobile patients receive meticulously designed procedures to address specific areas of concern, whether the battle against stubborn fat deposits or the removal of excess skin. The outcome? A trimmer, more sculpted figure that not only revitalizes your physical presence but also elevates your self-confidence.

Reshaped Contours

What is Body Contouring? //

Body contouring complaints include deficiencies or excess, such as generalized fat, localized fat deposits, loose skin, subcutaneous tissue, or cellulite.

There are numerous companies claiming non-invasive cures for excessive fat and skin, but correction usually requires surgery, such as liposuction, lift and tuck (i.e. abdominoplasty, thighplasty), or dermal lipectomy (excision of skin and fat). Contour deformities from insufficient soft tissue and fat in localized areas can be corrected with fat injection or augmentation with nearby tissue or an implant.

Your Body Contouring Options

Liposuction – This procedure is a precise way to remove excess fat from areas like the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, upper arms, and thighs. After a tiny incision has been made, a thin tube called a cannula is inserted. It is used to loosen stubborn fatty tissue, which is removed through the tube using medical suction.

Laser Liposuction — Laser liposuction is a modern cosmetic procedure designed to remove excess fat, offering a more targeted approach than traditional liposuction. This technique uses laser energy to liquefy fat cells before they are suctioned out, resulting in a less invasive process. Ideal for contouring small, stubborn areas, laser liposuction allows for precise fat reduction with reduced recovery time. The procedure also stimulates collagen production, which can lead to tighter, smoother skin. It's important to note that laser liposuction is not a weight loss solution but rather a contouring tool for those close to their ideal body weight. 

Abdominoplasty – Also called a tummy tuck, abdominoplasty removes sagging abdominal skin, tightens drooping muscles and sagging skin, and gets rid of stubborn fat. This contours the abdomen for a fit and toned look.

Back Lift – This procedure trims excess fat and hanging skin from the patient’s back.

Butt Lift – This form of buttocks enhancement can be conducted using excess skin and fat removal, fat grafting from other areas of the body, or placement of an implant.

Chest Wall Contouring – To sculpt the chest wall, liposuction is typically performed to get rid of excess fat.

Thighplasty – This body-sculpting surgery eliminates excess hanging thigh skin and tightens the underlying tissues. Excess stubborn fat is also removed.

Knee and Lower Leg Contouring – Patients can sculpt areas of their legs below the thighs with this form of body contouring.

Brachioplasty – Thanks to arm contouring or brachioplasty, patients can get rid of “bingo wings” hanging from their upper arms.

Dermal Lipectomy – With a dermal lipectomy, fatty tissue can be taken out and excess skin can be trimmed away. This results in tighter contours.

Correction of Contour Deformities – Contour deformities are regions that are lacking in volume, creating an unnatural appearance in contrast to the surrounding tissue. To correct this, tissue can be grafted from nearby areas. Excess fat can also be transferred from other areas to these regions via injection. Implants may be available to correct certain contour deformities.

Revive A Youthful Figure

What are the benefits of Body Contouring? //

Opting for our skilled cosmetic surgeons in Mobile body contouring patients will find it brings a world of advantages. You can look forward to:

A Sculpted Silhouette: Watch your body transform into a more defined, trimmer version. Body sculpting can sculpt and tone your physique, enhancing your overall appearance.

Shapely Contours: Enjoy the artistry of shapely body areas that accentuate your unique features. It's a makeover that goes beyond skin-deep, creating beautifully proportioned contours.

Youthful Revival: Experience a youthful revival as excess fat and sagging skin are addressed. Body sculpting isn't just about aesthetics; it's about regaining a youthful look that reflects how you feel on the inside.

Body contouring often involves a series of procedures, some of which can be combined for maximum impact. This means you can achieve remarkable results with minimal downtime, making it a convenient cosmetic choice. Depending on the specific procedures and techniques employed, you may see your revitalized self in just a few weeks. Our experienced surgeons are here to craft a personalized plan to help you achieve the look you've longed for.

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Develop A Custom Plan

Your Body Contouring Consultation //

Before undergoing body contouring Mobile patients will receive a consultation with Dr. Park or Dr. Rebowe. In this consultation you'll discuss the areas you want to target with the procedures. Your surgeon will evaluate your medical history and examine the areas you have chosen for body contouring. Your surgeon will develop a treatment plan according to your goals. You can ask questions regarding the chosen procedures, and your surgeon will address any concerns.

Get In Touch

For those interested in body contouring in Mobile, it’s best to visit Dr. Park and Dr. Rebowe at The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery. Contact us today for your consultation.

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Fit For Your Goals

Your Body Contouring Procedure //

The duration of the operation will depend on the procedures that were chosen. The surgery will start by administering anesthesia. Incisions will be made in the targeted areas. Once all body contouring is complete, the incisions will be closed to end the surgery.

For A More Flattering Wardrobe

Body Contouring Results //

The time it takes to realize the ultimate outcomes of surgical body contouring varies from person to person and is influenced by several factors. Initially, you'll notice some immediate changes after the procedure despite the presence of swelling and bruising. As you progress through the initial weeks of recovery, these temporary side effects will gradually subside, revealing a better-defined contour. Most patients experience a substantial portion of their final results within a few months following surgery. This stage marks a significant reduction in swelling and a noticeable improvement in your body's appearance. As your body continues to heal, the full impact of the body contouring procedures becomes increasingly evident. In the long term, typically over several months to a year, the final, lasting results emerge. Your body will adapt to its newly sculpted shape, and the benefits of the surgery, including skin tightening and improved body contour, will become more pronounced.

Flatten, Smooth, Tone

Body Contouring Recovery and Aftercare //

Depending on the chosen body contouring procedures, the patient can go home after the surgery and will undergo a recovery period. They may experience soreness and swelling in the treated areas for several days. Prescriptions and post-surgery instructions will be provided to aid in the healing process. Results will be seen immediately after the procedure, but patients must wait until recovery is complete to see their full results.

Body Contouring Frequently Asked Questions //

Body contouring is appropriate for healthy individuals who are at or near their ideal body weight. Candidates must have realistic expectations from body contouring procedures. Patients who could not effectively sculpt certain body parts using exercise and diet are excellent candidates for body contouring procedures. Ideal candidates must be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a proper diet; this allows for lasting results.

The cost of the surgery will depend on the types of body contouring procedures being performed. The total price may be affected by anesthesia feels, the exact techniques being used, and the time required to perform the surgery. For patients who are interested in financing options, consider CareCredit. CareCredit financing can make your body contouring procedure more affordable.

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