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With age, facial skin becomes thin and coarse and the soft tissues atrophy and sag with gravity. These signs of aging show up across many features of the face. Deep transverse creases develop in the forehead (frontalis muscle) and the glabella between the eyes (corrugator and procerus muscles). The eyebrows descend and both the upper and lower eyelid skin develop lax skin and bulging fat compartments. Wrinkles develop at the lower lid extending toward the temple (crow’s feet) due to the orbicularis muscles. The cheek (mid-face) sinks, creating a deep nasolabial fold at the junction between the upper lip and cheek and heaviness at the corner of the jawbone (jowls). Excess skin and fat begins to hang from the neck and longitudinal bands (platysma muscle) form. There are also gravitational changes to the nose, ears, lips, and chin. Many of these processes are also exaggerated by patients with significant weight loss or sun damage.

The Aging Face

All of these processes are addressed in facial rejuvenation procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, either as individual procedures (browlift, facelift, necklift, midface lift, upper blepharoplasty, lower belpharoplasty, midface lift, liplift, or combined for full facial rejuvenation.


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