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Mobile Lip Augmentation at The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery //

Insecurities about one's lips can feel overwhelming, but Lip Augmentation in Mobile offers a straightforward solution to boost your confidence and enhance your lips. At The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery, we bring over two decades of experience in beauty restoration to Fairhope and Mobile, AL. Our commitment to precision and attention to detail ensures that every procedure, including lip enhancement procedures, are performed with the utmost expertise, addressing your unique aesthetic needs.

Choosing the Right Lip Enhancement Procedure

What is Lip Augmentation?//

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Lip Augmentation is a comprehensive term, encompasses lip fillers, lip lifts, and lip implants. This involves modifications to the lips, either through injections or surgical procedures.

Lip Implants

This surgical method employs a solid silicone implant for permanent lip enhancement. Though more costly than non-surgical alternatives, lip implants offer lasting results, making them a preferred choice for many seeking effective treatment.

Lip Lifts

A lip lift is a permanent surgical procedure that broadens and contours the upper lip by precisely reducing the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip.

Lip Fillers

Lip filler is a non-surgical enhancements involving injections of dermal fillers in the upper and lower lips. These fillers offer a wide range of options, allowing for subtle to dramatic changes based on your specific aesthetic preferences.

Achieving the Perfect Pout

What are the benefits of Lip Augmentation? //

The primary allure of a Lip Augmentation procedure lies in its capacity to alter the shape and size of the lips, tailored to your preferences and desired results. The multitude of procedure choices and filler types contribute to its remarkable versatility, making it a highly sought-after treatment.

These transformative effects encompass various adjustments, such as increasing lip volume and fullness, correcting uneven lips, elevating mouth corners, refining the lip border, and reducing the appearance of perioral lip lines and wrinkles. With Lip Augmentation Mobile patients are offered a wide array of options for achieving the ideal lip aesthetics they desire.

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Exploring Lip Augmentation Options

Your Lip Surgery Consultation //

During your Mobile Lip Augmentation consultation, we'll delve into the exciting world of lip enhancement options. We understand that every individual has unique desires and preferences for their lips. Whether you're considering lip fillers for a subtle enhancement or exploring surgical options like lip lifts or implants for more lasting changes, we're here to guide you. Our experienced team at The Park & Rebow Clinic for Plastic Surgery will take the time to listen to your goals and offer personalized recommendations tailored to your needs. We'll discuss the benefits and potential outcomes of each procedure, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the process.

Our commitment is to provide you with a comprehensive consultation that empowers you to make informed decisions about your lip surgery journey. Together, we'll explore the possibilities and help you achieve the beautiful, natural lips you desire. Contact Us (251) 340-6600

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Which Is Right for You?

Your Lip Surgery Procedure //

Common complaints related to the lip include lips that are too fat, too short, too thin, too long, and too wrinkled. The latter three become more prevalent with age, sun exposure, and cigarette smoking. At The Park & Rebowe Clinic for Plastic Surgery, we offer the following lip enhancement surgeries to help reach your aesthetic objectives:

Lip reduction is a procedure to reduce a prominent or protruding lip. With local anesthesia, intraoral mucosa is removed, which shortens and debulks the lip.

In lip advancement, a small strip of skin is removed where the lip meets the skin. When this wound is closed, it gently everts the mucosa, providing a shorter, fuller appearing lip.

In a lip lift, a small ellipse of skin is removed from the upper lip at the junction with the nose and as the wound is closed, it lifts the lip, shortening it.

The commissuroplasty or corner of the mouth lift is a direct excision of skin above the commissure that can improve the scowl some patients appear to have due to a downturned corner of the mouth.

Plumping of the lip can also be surgically performed without implants by advancing intraoral tissue.

Follow Post-Op Instructions

Lip Augmentation Recovery and Aftercare //

Lip Augmentation procedures vary in terms of patient downtime. Lip lifts and implants typically have the longest recovery, requiring up to ten days, and implants need two to three days before patients can return to their regular activities. Lip fillers, on the other hand, result in minimal downtime, with soreness and swelling typically subsiding within two to three days. In most augmentation cases, except for fillers that use topical numbing agents, only local anesthesia is administered. This allows patients to drive themselves home immediately after the procedure without any associated risks. To support a smooth recovery, patients are advised to refrain from smoking, avoid applying pressure to the lips beyond gentle icing, and abstain from using lip balm or lipstick following the lip augmentation. We will provide detailed instructions and guidance to ensure your recovery process is on the right track.

Your Lips

Lip Surgery Results //

In any lip augmentation procedure that involves altering the lips' actual shape, the chosen filler immediately enhances and defines the lips, delivering visible results right after the treatment. Once the initial swelling subsides, any further enhancements obscured by inflammation become apparent and more pronounced. For patients receiving filler injections, the duration of the results can vary, typically lasting between three to 12 months, depending on the type of filler selected. The longevity of your lip filler also depends on how your body metabolizes the substance. Generally, follow-up appointments are recommended around the four to six-month mark to maintain the fullness and definition achieved with the fillers. In contrast, individuals undergoing lip implant or lift surgeries can expect immediate and permanent results. However, regular check-ups are recommended to ensure no complications or abnormalities arise.

Lip Surgery & Lip Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions //

Lip Augmentation is typically accessible to a broad range of individuals in good overall health, making it an inclusive option for those looking to enhance their lips. However, it's essential to have a detailed discussion with our team to address specific aspects and ensure that there are no underlying issues like allergies, infections, or other health concerns that might impact the safety of the procedure. Your safety and well-being remain our top priorities.

Lip augmentation procedures typically involve minimal discomfort. For most non-surgical treatments like lip fillers, a topical numbing agent is applied to ensure a pain-free experience. Surgical options like lip lifts or implants are performed under local anesthesia, further reducing discomfort. Some patients may experience mild soreness and swelling, but this usually subsides within a few days.

The longevity of Lip Augmentation results depends on the type of procedure. Lip fillers typically last three to 12 months, while the duration varies based on the chosen filler and individual metabolism. Surgical options like lip lifts and implants offer permanent results. Regular follow-up appointments for non-surgical treatments are recommended to maintain the desired fullness and definition.

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