In  April 2016, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at only 37 years old. Dr. Christopher Park’s nurses and staff are absolutely fantastic and made one of the hardest times in my life extremely comforting and was always available to answer any additional questions I had through the process. After I had my double mastectomy and was released from the hospital, Dr. Park even personally called me throughout that weekend to check on me. I just thought that was so admirable as you would normally be contacted by a nurse if at all, but he becomes completely invested in you as a patient. Over the next months, I had to also do chemo and Dr. Park and his team let me do my saline expansions at my own pace… when I felt well enough, which was very comforting to not have any additional stress. In Feb. 2017, Dr. Park did my reconstruction and fat grafting to fill in divets from my mastectomy and I am so happy that I took this additional step. Dr. Park did absolutely excellent work!! I still cannot believe how great my reconstruction came out and the scars are barely noticeable. I just wanted to look as normal as possible and he far exceeded any of my expectations! I highly recommended Dr. Park and his team to everyone! From the girls up front, to the team of nurses and assistants and Dr. Park himself, I have the utmost respect for each and every one of them and cannot thank them enough for not only the excellent work but for being such great people and helping me through such a difficult phase of my life.