I’m excited to now offer Mentor Memory Shape breast implants. I’m having a group consult on October 8 at 3 PM and a special pricing session for surgery if performed on November 1, 2013 with the cost of $4260 for a routine primary augmentation rather than the normal $6560 to celebrate the introduction of these implants to my practice.

Memory shape breast implants are highly cohesive, teardrop shaped implants. These are commonly known as “gummy bear” implants in the lay press. The memory shape were made by MentorR, one of the leading implant manufacturers worldwide and are FDA approved. I’m excited about memory shape implants because they have some unique characteristics. Their cross-linking leads to a more form stabilized implant which means it holds it shape while maintaining a natural feel and softness. The 6 year post surgery study has shown that these implants have a very low rupture rate, capsular contracture rate, and gel fracture rate. The look, feel, and reduced rupture rates of these implants are advantageous for some patients.

I feel that these implants are going to give a very long-term predictable result. The implants are all textured which means that they are less likely to move once they heal in place, and I believe rippling will be virtually unheard of. The results of memory shape type implants is a very natural change, not one of major fullness of the upper pole which some patients do desire. These implants are not for everyone but are for a lot of people, especially people who have been nervous to proceed with breast augmentation for fear of having that fake look. I hope to see you in the group consultation on October 8 at 3 PM. Please call 251-445-8888 to reserve your spot.