Facial aging is inevitable, and sagging and wrinkling around the face can add years to our outward presentation. One of the most effective and popular ways to combat this natural occurrence is with a facelift. The facelift, or rhytidectomy, is a plastic surgery procedure that treats the signs of aging and rejuvenates your overall appearance.

A rhytidectomy works by tightening loose facial muscles and excess skin around the face, resulting in a younger, smoother look. Traditional facelift procedures utilize a hidden incision that runs along the hairline.

Facelift techniques vary and are customized to match the patient’s cosmetic desires. For example, short scar facelifts utilize looped sutures to tighten the support structures of the face.

When deciding on a facelift, it’s good to know that there are multiple technique options that you and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park can discuss during your initial consultation.

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