Dr. Park and his staff are amazing. I submitted an email regarding a corrective surgery I needed done and had a response by the end of the day from one of his staff members, and he himself also responded to me. After that, I scheduled a consult. I was so comfortable and at ease with him, and could tell that he 100% genuinely cared about his patients and what he does for them. I called the next day to book and pay for the surgery. The day of the surgery, he explained everything to my husband and I beforehand. There were complications (not from him, but preexisting issues that caused me to seek out this corrective surgery) that caused my 3 hour surgery to take 5 hours. Afterwards, he explained everything to my husband and said he doesn’t come out until the job is done right. Later that night, he personally called my husband to check on me. Not a nurse, but he himself. Who does that? I’m currently 3 weeks post-op today, and I can already say that I am thrilled with my results. What he does is a work of art, and I can tell he listened to me when I told him what I wanted. He delivered it perfectly. I will absolutely recommend him to everyone!