On a humorous note, I have just returned from — on a vacation with my family. We went to a beach club —– and I decided to get a massage on the beach. While on my stomach, the masseuse untied my tankini top and quickly yanked my top down to my waist. I was very pleased to have the best looking boobs at the beach and wished I wore a skimpier top!
I am sure that you have made many, many pairs of beautiful breasts. However, I doubt that you have ever had a happier patient than me. I expected my new additions would bring me a renewed confidence. What I did not expect is how much better they would cause me to feel about the rest of my body. Suddenly, my slightly wide hips, the upper arms I thought were large, even my little belly all seem to make sense. I feel like I have a body “type”… and that “type” is voluptuous!
You could have done half the job you did, and I would have been pleased. I look forward to all of their little developments. Thank you again for far exceeding my expectations.

*Individual results may vary.