Dr. Park,

I just wanted to tell you again how pleased and happy I am with the job that you did!! My co-worker just got done asking me again about mine. She was wanting to know about why I went with the high profile and what it meant. She yet again, she is having trouble with hers. She has no feeling in her left one and she has developed double bubble in both breast. Plus, she is not the size that she wanted or he said that she would be. Her’s are a year old. I could even feel the implant under her breast! I made sure she got an ear full about how pleased I am! I’m so thankful that I didn’t go with her doctor liked I had planned.

By the way, I have had several women ask me who did mine. I have told everyone that has asked who and what a great job!

Again thank you for everything and thank you for giving me something that I have wanted for so long and doing an amazing job!!!

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