In preparation for the launch of a new patient safety PR campaign that will debut during Plastic Surgery 11, THE Meeting this month titled “Do Your Homework”, ASPS worked extensively with USA Today over the past nine months for the first installment of a series that ran today titled “Lack of training can be deadly in cosmetic surgery”.

USA Today reporter Jayne O’Donnell first worked with ASPS on this topic back in January when she conducted a lengthy interview with ASPS President Phil Haeck, MD. Several other ASPS members also contributed to the broad research conducted by O’Donnell in the ensuing months and provided valuable patient safety insight. The link above contains extensive information, patient stories and videos emphasizing key ASPS messaging that many medical providers without adequate training are calling themselves plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and that while any physician can wear a white coat, not all physicians are board-certified in plastic surgery.

Look for more information about the “Do Your Homework” campaign at Plastic Surgery 11, THE Meeting in Denver next week. A 30-second TV public service announcement and a multimedia news release will kick-off the launch, and members will have the opportunity to purchase their own customized TV commercial with this messaging.

Thank you for continuing to educate consumers about this important distinction.