When we look at ourselves in the mirror, many of us are troubled by our worn-out, sunken appearance. Weary eyebrows and a sagging forehead can leave you looking exhausted. With a brow lift, there is an answer to this cosmetic dilemma, one that will leave you looking as attentive and energetic as you really are.

Aging skin has a high likelihood of sagging and wrinkling. On the forehead and brow area, the skin may droop forward and create horizontal lines above the nose and between the eyes. The eyebrows may also sag, which is what creates the appearance of tiredness.

A brow lift surgically tightens the skin of the forehead and brow by making incisions along the hairline and pulling back the skin. The brows are lifted to a more alert appearance while wrinkles are reduced.

To learn more about the brow lift procedure, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park at his office in Mobile, Alabama.