We offer a variety of facial-resurfacing options, including CO2 laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels. The deep chemical peel has many benefits and is a very simple process, but it has experienced a decline in popularity due to the benefits of the CO2 laser resurfacing technique.

During a deep chemical peel, the chemical phenol (carbolic acid) soaks into the skin, traveling through the epidermis and superficial dermal layer to affect the lower dermal layer. Once the phenol has done its work, the healing process begins, producing new, smooth skin.

Because of the chemical’s strength, it requires sedation and a long recovery period, about three weeks of recovery and care. This has essentially led to the deep chemical peel being replaced by CO2 laser resurfacing, which does not require a long recovery period and is still extremely effective.

To learn more about CO2 laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels, contact board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park. You can arrange for an appointment at our office in Mobile, Alabama.