Most of us tend to notice some extra pounds around the thighs and midsection after the holidays. Though exercise and dieting can usually help, there are some areas of the body that seem impervious to fat reduction. To correct this, advanced power-assisted liposuction techniques are offered by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Park.

With liposuction, there have been several advancements in technique over the years to help make the process safer and more effective and to reduce recovery time. One of the techniques offered at The Park Clinic is power-assisted liposuction.

Power-assisted liposuction uses a powered suctioning tube to help break up the fat. This allows for easy removal via suctioning.

Keep in mind that other liposuction techniques are also offered by Dr. Park. The decision to use one over the other will likely depend on the amount of fat being removed.

For more details about the power-assisted liposuction technique, contact our office to set up an appointment.